Armed “Boogaloo Boys” led by Mike Dunn rallied Saturday night at the Thomas Calhoun Walker Education Center in Gloucester County, Virginia, where last month four men carried handguns to the local school board meeting and were subsequently arrested by the sheriff’s department.

Police did not interfere or even show up Saturday.

“To the officers that are watching this, you violated the Constitution of the United States. Some day you will answer for these violations, if not before man, you will answer to it before God,” Mike Dunn says at his first rally in over two years.

“You disgust us. You are not our brothers,” he tells police. “You have no right to fly our flag. You have no right to be an American. You are tories, redcoats, and not patriots.”

In addition to risking the same felony charges faced by their friends for carrying firearms at the school board, the Boogaloos held an armed prayer ceremony to criticize the Virginia law (in some cases) making it a misdemeanor to carry a firearm in a house of worship.

A handful of apparently local counter-protesters showed up to criticize the Boogaloos: “Everybody likes our Second Amendment but get off of our school property with it.”

While in agreement about disliking Mike Dunn, they began arguing with themselves over support for police.

“I’m unarmed,” the Boogaloo preacher said approaching one woman concerned about the armed event.

The two prayed together for a while, before she explained that she is a gun owner and Democrat but “there’s a place and time for everything” and she doesn’t think guns at a school board meeting are appropriate.

“You don’t have to carry your AR’s in this town!” she says. “This is home, and I have never felt threatened in this town.”

The two hugged it out in the end, but she choked up speaking to a Washington Post reporter, saying “we can have a civil conversation, we don’t need the guns.”

The concerned woman hugged but confronted Mike Dunn: “Why in my town? Why do you have to come here?”

“You can have a peaceful demonstration, and you don’t need to bring that,” she said, gesturing to his rifle.

Mike describes it as a deterrent to police aggression.

“You can just have a pistol, I don’t like AR’s,” she says.

Mike describes that the men who got arrested for carrying at the school board (in this same location) only had pistols.

“I am worried about the fact that we have to give up rights for the safety of law enforcement – or supposed safety,” Mike says.

Mike also disputes that this facility where the school board meets is school property.

The two shook hands and hugged in spite of their disagreement.

“I’ll probably face a felony charge after this, I don’t know,” Mike Dunn said as the rally wrapped up where his group carried firearms on the same property four men were charged with felonies last month for carrying firearms on at the school board meeting.

I asked Mike what he’ll do if an arrest warrant is issued. “If they press charges, they’re gonna have to deal with us,” he says. He won’t describe specifics.

“We’re going home alive, which is a success,” he said before packing it up.

“ICE” from Virginia Kekoas says “hopefully they [the police] don’t do anything stupid.”

Training that morning

Ahead of the armed “Boogaloo” demonstration against gun control Saturday night at the T.C. Walker Education Center in Gloucester County, Virginia, members planned their event, discussed tactics, and prepared and tested firearms on a private property in the surrounding area.

Several news crews including NBC, News2Share, Washington Post, and Freedom News TV were present.

Interview with Mike Dunn ahead of rally day

Following a two-year hiatus from street activism and two trips to Ukraine, former Boogaloo movement figure Mike Dunn is spoke to News2Share as well as an NBC documentary crew about his planned return to activism while at an Italian restaurant.

Dunn described his group “is gonna deliver a warning to that sheriff, to his office, and to anybody who wishes to support him and his jack-booted thugs that he employs” over a recent incident where four people were arrested for carrying firearms to a school board meeting.

“Breaching the constitution will not be tolerated,” he told the NBC crew and News2Share.

If cops would have tried to arrest Mike Dunn and his crew, he said: “we will defend ourselves in the way that the 2nd Amendment intended for us to do.”

“What does that mean?” News2Share asked.

Dunn: “Don’t Antifa me now and be like ‘are you going to kill police?'”

News2Share: “Are you?”

Dunn: “We will defend ourselves to any means necessary to pretend any of my boys, my brothers, constitutional citizens, being arrested.”

Dunn said he was stressed about the armed rally he plans to lead against the Gloucester County Sheriff tomorrow and “I’m willing to defend my boys to the point of this [a cheesesteak] being my last dinner.”

Some of his guys “had their wills notarized” he says and he has “written notes to my loved ones.”

The incident that precipitated this conflict between the apparently resurgent Boogaloo movement and the Gloucester Sheriff’s occurred a little over a month ago when Trevor Herrin and three others were charged with carrying firearms on school property.

Trevor Herrin himself doesn’t plan to be at the demonstration on Saturday spawned by his arrest, but he did send News2Share this statement before turning himself in in July (and being released).

He calls the charges erroneous and “targeted political retribution.”