A coalition of armed Black groups, some on horseback, marched through Atlanta today, demanding “Justice For Black Farmers,” particularly Derrick Williamson, a Morgan County farmer kicked off his own land two years ago by what he has called “millionaire squatters.”

Speaking at Centennial Olympic Park in Georgia flanked by armed members of the Fred Hampton Gun Club, Derrick Williamson described how some of his animals died when his farm was taken by a “corrupt system.” He says he was wrongly convicted of “stalking” the judge.

An onlooker apparently mistook JaPharii Jones of BLM757 and the rest of the group for Black Hebrew Israelites. He says Derrick Williamson “had the decency to allow people onto his property and was housing them” when they “began to squat and eventually had him removed from his own land violently.”

Police tailed the armed Black activists toward the end of their march but never got out of their vehicles. The demonstration concluded peacefully with photos, calls of “Black power” and appreciation from Derrick Williamson.