Ahead of President Trump’s arrival at the Fulton County Jail Thursday, the scene was quite literally a circus. “Stone him to death for him trying to start a revolution and him trying to steal our elections” suggested a man in a jail costume playing circus music.

While Trump was ultimately arrested and released on $200,000 bond without incident, police were well-equipped for the day.

Behind barriers, law enforcement visibly had submachine guns, rifles, less-lethal shotguns, riot shields, and gas masks.

Republican activist Brad Barnes (a former candidate for Georgia State House) told his fellow Trump supporters that he submitted a citizen application for a warrant for Fulton County DA Fanni Willis to be arrested “on four charges” for arresting Trump.

A man dressed as the “big bad wolf” claimed that “Trump reminds me of all the times in my life I’ve been gaslit and he tried to do that shit to Georgia.”

A man who says he “truly believes in the Q” says he believes Trump will come back to power in 2024 “or if not sooner… easy, it’s a matter of when he is ready to do it, him and the Kennedys!”

“He’s gonna turn everything on them like a boxer in the ring.”

Trump supporters outside the Fulton County Jail on Thursday stomped on a Ron DeSantis flag and considered burning it before deciding not to, citing the arrest of Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio for the burning of a BLM banner that was taken from a church.

News2Share asked a man with a “give him the chair!” sign awaiting Trump’s arrest whether he literally thinks Trump deserves the death penalty.

“No, I should have been more specific, I meant the folding chair from Montgomery brawl,” he says.

“We love Trump” chanted some of the crowd just before Trump’s arrival at the jail.

“Trump 2024 for prison!” one yelled.

In the end, the side with the greatest number of activists was not where Trump entered or exited the facility (some other defendants had exited this way).

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks out

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke outside the Fulton County Jail ahead of Former President Trump turning himself in on Thursday. She called it a “devastating day for America, and an embarrassing, shameful day for the state of Georgia.”

As Congresswoman Greene spoke to Fox News outside the Fulton County Jail, pro-Trump personality and rally organizer Laura Loomer shouted questions at her about her support for Kevin McCarthy for not endorsing Trump or having congress defund the law enforcement agencies arresting Trump.

As Congresswoman Greene was interviewed outside the Fulton County Jail by RSBN alongside MAGA rapper Forgiato Blow, over her shoulder asked her about a tweet a week earlier telling people not to come.

Laura Loomer, who had called on people to come to the jail in a flyer that was shared by Trump himself, continued to berate Rep. Greene after she left.

She calls Greene “subversive” and blames her team for the dinner between Trump, Nick Fuentes & Ye.