Hundreds of media and dozens of pro and anti Trump activists gathered Thursday outside the courthouse in Washington DC to protest and debate one another as former President Trump was arraigned on four felony charges for January 6.

In front of the courthouse ahead of former President Donald Trump’s arraignment for January 6 on Thursday, members of “Blacks for Trump” called the media prosecutor Jack Smith an “ugly sell-out” and claimed Smith – rather than Trump – will be “going to jail for treason, him and Biden.”

The group frequently described former President Trump as their Persian “King Cyrus.”

Raw video at the E Barrett Prettyman courthouse shows the scene as former President Trump arrived to and later departed from his arraignment on four felony charges related to January 6 on Thursday afternoon.

Following Trump’s arrival, U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn also arrived at the courthouse. Officer Dunn has testified in the January 6 Committee and even written a book about his experience on J6. Today, he sat in the courtroom as Trump was arraigned.