Christians For A Free Palestine held an unprecedented protest Tuesday afternoon in the Senate Cafeteria of the Dirksen Building on United States Capitol grounds.

“Our scriptures say ‘woe to you, who eat while others go hungry!” they called out to senate staff. “Congress and their staff will not eat today until Gaza eats!”

United States Capitol Police swarmed into the Senate Cafeteria, warnings the protesters that they would be arrested, and forcing everybody else to leave.

“Shame, arresting Christians who are upset that you are starving people to death!” one said as she was forced out.

Police continued to threaten arrest against those who continued yelling from the hallway.

From outside the Cafeteria, protesters were briefly visible being put in plastic handcuffs one by one.

“Thank you!” supporters cheered and clapped as the protesters were taken away by police. “Heroes!”

“No more U.S. weapons to Israel,” the supporters chanted as police pushed them the opposite direction.

“Free Palestine!” chanted activists continuing to march through the tunnels below the Capitol. “Stop the genocide, end the war!”

“You’re all subject to arrest… you’re all under arrest,” an officer interrupted them, but ultimately escorted them out of the building.

Christians for a Free Palestine take Communion outside Capitol before cafeteria protest

Ahead of Tuesday’s demonstration inside the Senate Cafeteria, the group took Communion outside the Capitol.

“We will not avert our eyes,” they sang. “Palestine will be free.”

The Christians for a Free Palestine service concluded with a songful prayer: “In this fight against Christian Zionism, in this fight for the freedom of Palestinian people, I know that you have probably given up belonging in some ways.”

“I want you to know, lunch time prayer team, that by your presence, by your commitment to holding a nation accountable… you are a delight in God’s eyes.”

Palestinian Christian Reverend Mitri Raheb condemned Christian Zionism: “It is not theology, actually. Calling it theology would be actually a disaster. It is religious nationalism as ideology made into religion.”