As former President Trump ended his speech today at CPAC, security responded to an apparent disruption toward the front of the audience.

The lone activist – who turned out to be Michael Picard (an anti-Trump Youtuber and satirist) – was removed.

Michael Picard was detained outside the Trump speech, wearing a KKK costume.

“The Klan supports Trump! The Klan supports Trump!” he yelled as security put banners in the way to block him.

A few minutes later, Picard was removed from the Gaylord Hotel, still smiling and yelling “The Klan supports Trump!”

He was apparently detained, but not handcuffed, by security, who took him to a back exit.

“I was just trying to remind everyone that Trump was endorsed by the KKK… by dressing as a klansman,” Picard said in a brief interview outside afterwards. “People were booing me.”