Protesters gathered Saturday afternoon outside the Heritage Foundation to demand a stop to “Project 2025,” the conservative non-profit’s plan for how they would want a future Republican president to govern.

“Heritage Foundation is toxic to the nation!” they chanted while hanging signs and crime scene tape around the building.

Anne-christine d’Adesky of new organization “Stop The Coup 2025” described the goal of Project 2025 as “turning the United States into a Christian conservative autocracy, that’s authoritarianism.”

She describes that their organization is intended as a “big tent” in opposition, and that their “Plan B” is to be prepared in case the Republicans in fact win in 2024.

Markus Batchelor, who has served on DC’s State Board of Education, said that “The Heritage Foundation knows that this is their moment” and hopes “we drop the ball just one more time, like we did in 2016” to take over.

“Are we gonna get it done?” he asked, rallying the crowd to vote.

“Yes,” they cheered to each question: “Are we gonna win? Are we gonna defeat Heritage? Are we gonna save our democracy? Are we gonna win in 2024? Are we gonna be one nation in 2025?”

Long-time activist Reginald Brown told the crowd “we need to meet them where they are!”

“We have to embarrass them, that is a tactic,” they said. “Find out where they live. Find out where their office is!”

“When we disrupt business as usual, they pay attention. Money is their God. When you mess with their money, they will listen to you.”

“What do we gotta do? Shut it down!”