Armed members of the Virginia Kekoas militia marched this morning to the State Capitol in Richmond to protest new gun control bills such as magazine limits and banning guns at bars.

The group carried guns into the “gun-free zone” surrounding the building.

Police informed the militiamen that they were not allowed to carry firearms in the area in front of the Capitol anymore.

Officers did allow them to pose for some photos in front of the building before departing, which the group complied with.

Virginia Kekoas militia leader “VK ICE” explained that his group is no longer branding as “boogaloo” because of the “stigma.”

“Attacking federal officers and doing things not in the correct way, we don’t feel like we align with that, so we’re more constitutionalist.”

“Our main purpose is to train,” he describes.

“Anarchy Princess,” a regular face on the opposing side of right-of-center rallies in the DC area, came to Richmond with a “Welcome to the small penis rally” sign.

She and the militia “agreed to disagree” but got along unusually well.

Virginia Kekoas militia member Sasquatch says the anti-militia bill in congress “100%” scares him because “these are steps to do something bigger.”

He says “I’m not gonna stop doing what I’m doing” and “if they come for me, they come for me.”

If it passes, he foresees “force-on-force issues.”