“Take Our Border Back” convoy departs for Eagle Pass, Texas from Norfolk, Virginia

The “Take Our Border Back” convoy began with about 15 vehicles led by a bus in Norfolk, Virginia Monday morning, heading to Texas for a rally at Eagle Pass on Saturday Ivan Raiklin, in a wheelchair, jokingly led the departure, but is actually flying there.

Ahead of their departure, convoy organizer Craig Hudgins stressed that the event is a “peaceful, peaceable demonstration.”

He anticipates “40,000 truckers coming from all over the country and Canada” to the US-Mexico border.

The convoy to the US-Mexico border from Virginia described that they will be using Zello as well as CB radio for comms along the way.

A handful of participants previously participated in the cross-country trucker convoy in 2022.

Yahanseh George (YG) Nyghtstorm, a board member of Church Militant, led the convoy in prayer: “We are going to Texas to stand with the people, and to stand for the country that you have blessed us all with.”

“We thank you for this privilege and opportunity to stand for you.”

Hundreds of participants – some armed – gathered in Yuma, Arizona on Saturday for the “Take Back our Border” rally demanding “close the border!”

“Take Back Our Border” convoy rally in Yuma, Arizona – Drone and Documentary footage

This was one of three locations where such rallies were held, including California and Texas.

Editor’s note: News2Share’s team in Arizona took assorted drone footage from Saturday’s rally. An uncut speech by Moms for America’s Kimberly R. Fletcher is the audio you hear behind the drone footage.

“Let’s go Brandon!” chanted the crowd as a speaker took a selfie video with the audience in Yuma, Arizona.

Participants explained that they view the country as “occupied” by migrants, and largely expressed disapproval of the federal government’s handling of the border.

Ryan Sanchez, who was kicked out of the military for involvement in the white nationalist Rise Above Movement (RAM) and who now leads a group called Nationalist Network, showed up at the border rally.

“It’s really heartening to see this many people show up despite the fear and disorganization the right wing has had since January 6,” he says. “It feels like the kickoff for the campaign year.”

“Honestly, I think we’re really close to a civil war in this country.”

Asked what states should be doing, one Take Back Our Border attendee explains “Exactly what Texas is doing, call in the National Guard, let the patriots go and protect our land. It’s what needs to be allowed to happen without fear of repercussion, without fear of the next January 6, without fear of any of that, we have a right to defend our land.”

Another adds that “I notice there’s not very many younger people here and that’s scary and sad, and so, yeah, hopefully just like the young people wake up!”

“Take Back Our Border” convoy rally in San Ysidro, California – Documentary Footage

“This our dirt! This is our land!” argued a speaker at the San Ysidro, California edition of the “Take Our Border Back” caravan rally on Saturday.

“They wanted to us to be afraid to come out here and gather again after January 6” which he calls a “setup to make us look bad.”

One speaker had the crowd at the San Ysidro “Take Our Border Back” rally kneel in prayer: “We want to dedicate this border to you, and ever single other border so that you can heal this land and allow the people that you want to come in, and stop the people that are our enemies. You know who are our enemies, God.”

“Joe Biden and The Democrats created the border crisis” read a banner brought to the front of the event.

Joe Kent, a 2022 congressional candidate (R-WA), called immigration “unconventional warfare” and suggested that migrants will affect voter roles and get ballots “legally or illegally.”