Actress Susan Sarandon joined activists with Codepink and other pro-Palestine demonstrators on Wednesday demanding a ceasefire today in congress. She began by visiting participants in a sit-in in Speaker of the House Hakeem Jeffries’s office.

Sarandon spoke to the media while walking from Jeffries’ office to Rashida Tlaib’s. Jeffries didn’t speak to her, which she attributed to him taking money from AIPAC. She says she’s here to help Palestinian women’s stories and voices be heard.

Susan Sarandon, Representative Rashida Tlaib, and Cori Bush met with Palestinians and advocates outside Tlaib’s office. Many hugs were given.

“They are trying to erase us, but Rashida and Representative Cori Bush have stood steadfast, spoke loudly, represented with principle and dignity and recognized the Palestinian people for who they are,” one said, prompting claps.

Describing a painful situation faced by Palestinians, Susan Sarandon asks: “It’s your money that’s doing that. Are you okay with that?”

“And then there are a lot of people who just object because they don’t have healthcare. They don’t have free education. We don’t have subsidized housing in this country and we’re sending billions to Israel and told that there’s no money for us to have those things.”