Protesters including “POC” (“Protect Our Children” leader Pete Dimiceli protested outside a Drag Story Hour in the Brooklyn Children’s Museum Thursday night, as supporters shielded it with rainbow flags.

“In the 90’s this wouldn’t be tolerated!” said Dimiceli. “In the 90’s they’d get their heads smashed in.”

“You know damn well, that as soon as we see your face, we’re gonna get your address, and as soon as we get your address, we’re gonna be in front of your homes letting your neighbors know exactly what you’re about, that you’re about grooming children.” Dimiceli told the masked drag supporters with rainbow umbrellas.

“Were you touched as a little girl?” he said into a megaphone outside the children’s museum. “Yeah, you must have been,” he continued with further graphic imagery out loud.

Police and drag supporters argued over an anti-drag protester being able to enter the children’s museum as the drag story time event went on.

Asked for his badge number, the commanding NYPD officer on scene said “0000000000000000000000000000000.”

“Y’all are really wild today” a drag supporter told NYPD outside the Drag Story Hour.

“Put your hands in my face again, we’ll have a problem” an officer said after another waved right in front of him.

David Nieves of anti-drag group Guardians of Divinity wore red contacts and a crown to the protest yelled “Why you pro-pedophile bro?” at the drag supporters. “Do that shit on your own time to people that are 18 and over.”

Participant Evette Jody Stark said that “To have children being read to like you, with fake tits and their ass sticking out, reading I don’t know what, is just a formation of terrorism!”

“Dr. Seuss, what happened to that, Green Eggs and Ham?” asked Nieves. “You’re all out here with like, green d*** and f***ing spam.”

“They enjoyed it! They danced, sang, got to introduce themselves!” a grandmother explained who had brought her grandkids to the Drag Story Hour.

“I had fun a million times!” one of the kids added.

“I think it’s crazy to have an opinion about someone else’s life,” she says of the protesters. “Mind your own business.”

A man who had argued with the anti-drag side came into the middle area where only police and protesters were being allowed to stand by NYPD.

He asserted that he’s press and challenged an officer who demanded to see an ID but ultimately gave up as the man started filming.

The anti-drag protesters began posing for what they called a “family portrait” as the event wrapped up.

NYPD pushed back the drag defenders after one used their umbrella to cover a camera.

“Arrest her!” one of the protesters tried to egg on officers, who did not.

A woman argued with the anti-drag protesters and ultimately told them “Some of these kids will become drag queens and I support that!”

Police began trying to push her away.

“This is public property,” she said.

“No, it’s actually not, this is a crosswalk,” the officer said.