A group of January 6 defendant supporters held a vigil on Tuesday outside the Capitol for Ashli Babbitt on her third posthumous birthday.

“I miss my daughter every day,” said Micki Witthoeft, Babbitt’s mother. “I’m proud to be her mother no matter what some people say about her.”

Livestreamer/counter-protester “Anarchy Princess” circled the group, interjecting “terrorist!” repeatedly before mocking her for being cremated.

“I believe that Ashli Babbitt was the first victim and casualty of this war that we have going on,” said Nicole Reffitt, wife of J6er Guy Reffitt.

“A war? Are you serious right now?” interjected “Anarchy Princess.”

“They got what they deserved! Haha!” added DC ANC Commissioner Patricia Eguino (D) who also joined the counter-protest.

“Screw the insurrectionists!” yelled Commissioner Eguino as the group began a prayer for Ashli Babbitt outside the Capitol.

“She will receive the crown of righteousness,” prayed the prayer leader, closing his eyes and apparently ignoring the protesters. “Her daughter is in your loving arms.”

“Ashli Babbitt! Ashli Babbitt!” chanted the group as the prayer concluded.

The group concluded the vigil by placing flowers for Ashli Babbitt around the Capitol.

“Insurrectionists! J6ers! Go to hell J6ers!” yelled Commissioner Eguino. Her and “Anarchy Princess” took some of the flowers after the group moved on.

Birthday celebrated at DC Jail

January 6 defendant / Ashli Babbitt supporters gathered outside the DC Jail Tuesday night, where they had a “Happy Heavenly Birthday Ashli” cake.

They held a prayer circle: “We remember still our patriots, especially those that are behind us in the gulag.”

J6 felony defendant Matthew DaSilva, due for sentencing in a couple weeks, called in to the vigil for Ashli Babbitt.

He read prose that he wrote in jail, comparing Ashli Babbitt to the Statue of Liberty.

“The cops who shot her might as well have snuffed out the torch that stands atop the statue in New York Harbor, because January 6 was the day that liberty, that fundamental aspect of American culture and civics, died.”

The Ashli Babbitt birthday celebrators outside the DC Jail cut and ate their cake while J6 defendants passed around a phone inside the jail calling into the event wished her a happy birthday to her mother.

Meanwhile, “Anarchy Princess” and DC ANC Commissioner Patricia Eguino (D) yelled and whistled from across the street.