Avowed Neo-Nazi group “Blood Tribe” rallied with rifles and swastika flags outside an LGBT “Pride in the Park” event in Watertown, Wisconsin on Saturday.

“Us or the pedophiles!” they chanted at the crowd, which included children. “There will be blood, blood blood!”

“Get ’em the f*** out of here!” pride participants begged police, who said they couldn’t make the Nazis leave.

One participant in the pride event confronted the Nazis, explaining that “It just makes me so happy that I get to wake up every day and just love who I want without fear of judgement or fucking Nazis apparently.”

The Nazis left shortly after News2Share interviewed that participant.

“Us or the pedophiles!” the Blood Tribe chanted as they marched around the Pride in the Park event.

A woman confronted them, and a rifle-wielding Nazi told her “I would say, young lady, that you would look a lot lovelier if you were wearing a proper dress.”

News2Share asked the masked, Neo-Nazi Blood Tribe group if any are federal informants.

“No!” “Absolutely not!” “No!” they answered.

“I’m a fed!” one said sarcastically, before they all started listing off federal agencies they mockingly say they’re a part of.

Three media members followed the Neo-Nazi Blood Tribe group as they marched to their exit point somewhere else in Watertown.

“You better go away, I’m telling you man,” one said before chambering a round in his AK.

As Blood Tribe tried to leave, they paused, apparently irritated at press behind them. One approached with an AK rifle that he chambered a round in moments earlier and asked if press were “trying to dox us.”

“If you keep following me man -” he said before smacking his rifle. The group ultimately split in two different directions, and press decided not to keep following.