Supporters of January 6 defendants gathered Tuesday night for a one-year anniversary celebration of their nightly protests outside the DC jail, which just happened to occur only hours after Trump himself was federally indicted for January 6.

Joseph “Joe the Box” Verderber led the January 6 defendant supporters outside the DC jail tonight in prayer.

“January 6 will be an official day for Ashli Babbitt, and I know this – y’know why?” he concluded. “Because God told me so! Amen, patriots!”

Much of the evening looked like a sort of dance/sing-off between the January 6 supporters and counter-protesters.

“DC don’t like fascists!” sang the anti-fascist musician “Resistance Company” on an electric guitar. “Tommy Tatum [January 6 participant and advocate] is a fascist!”

“Freedom corner here, we gonna be here ’til the end” sang MAGA rapper Ron J Spike. “Tonight might be a jail break!”

“Ashli Babbitt f***ed around and found out!” the counter protesters sang.
“Biden didn’t build back better at all,” sang Spike as the counter-protesters chanted “Nazi scum! Off our streets!”

The January 6 supporters read off the names of those who died on J6, followed by all the defendants currently detained with the crowd responding “HERO!” after each name.

They then listed off and wished rest in peace to January 6 participants who later died by suicide.

Apparently with a January 6 detainee on the phone, the January 6 defendant supporters outside the DC jail sang the Star Spangled Banner, a tradition of theirs (and the detainees) every night at 9pm. Sirens from counter-protesters’ blow-horns were audible throughout.