Filmed by N2S Contributor TJ Jones

“Shame! Shame!” yelled pro-Palestine demonstrators as they marched around the Israeli Embassy in DC this afternoon, where LED trucks displayed “KIDNAPPED BY HAMAS” graphics.

“Genocide Joe is killing babies!”

Music blared from inside the Israeli Embassy in an apparent attempt to drown out the protesters. The group expressed dismay that the police forbade them from the street, while the trucks displaying “kidnapped by Hamas” and the organizers’ faces labelled as “employees of Hamas front groups” were allowed to stay.

A speaker condemned “this crook President Joe Biden” for saying he had seen evidence of beheaded Israeli babies, which he says has been debunked.

“Come November 2024, we will not forget, we will not accept this false choice between dying with a bullet or dying with poison.”

“We’re not going to vote for the current president… just because he’s running again the other boogeyman, Donald Trump, or DeSantis, or the boogeywoman, Nikki Haley.”

“How many of our daughters, how many of our sisters have died from bombs that have been paid from our tax dollars?” asked Robert McCaw, Government Affairs Director at CAIR outside the Israeli Embassy.

“Shame!” the crowd replied.

“We need to stop funding the genocide.”

“The Jewish religion is sadly being misused to justify all these crimes, but we say shame!” said Rabbi Dovid Feldman of the anti-Zionist, Jewish group Neturei Karta.

“The State of Israel in no way represents world Jewry and certainly doesn’t represent the Jewish religion.”

“We are outraged to what we have seen this morning, this escalation of this genocide taking place in Gaza,” Rabbi Feldman told media in front of the Israeli Embassy.

“So many innocent men, women and children are being mass murdered in the last couple of weeks, but this is just a continuation of this brutal occupation of Palestine going on over 75 years.”