Members of the Revolutionary Communist Party interrupted the Independence Day city Celebration of Freedom event in Philadelphia (where both the governor and mayor spoke) by burning an American flag.

They advocated the crowd join them for “a real revolution.”

After “The RevComs” burned the American flags, they were pulled aside by police and briefly detained.

Officers ultimately concluded that flag burning is lawful protest, but issued a warning because the tote bag they carried also caught fire.

The group continued to heckle speakers throughout the remainder of the event.

Flag-burning rally

RevComs (“Revolutionary Communists”) gathered outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia Tuesday, Independence Day, where they burned several American flags. One angry onlooker got in a brief scuffle trying to confront them before police separated him from the group.

After tearing up and burning a large flag, the group handed out mini flags to attendees, who each ripped them up.

“America was never great!” they chanted as they threw them into a pile, poured on lighter fluid, and took a lighter to them in front of America’s birthplace.

They endorsed a “constitution that will replace this imperialist system.”

This refers to their leader Bob Avakian’s Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.

A police officer poured a water bottle over the burned flags as the group marched off.

In addition to burning flags, the Revolutionary Communist group splashed red paint onto a large print-out of the American constitution.

They listed grievances about the United States’ history and demanded an overthrow of America in favor of a new socialist republic.