Thirteen activists and one driver were arrested on the beltway in Maryland, just outside Washington DC on Independence Day as the group “Declare Emergency” blocked traffic for roughly an hour to demand he White House take more dramatic steps to combat climate change.

One of the angry drivers exited his vehicle, claiming that he is currently on parole and risks returning to prison if late for his job. After forcibly swiping the activists’ banners and attempting to physically confront them, he was arrested by Maryland State Police.

The thirteen protesters who refused to leave the highway were subsequently arrested as well, allowing traffic to flow.

“Declare Emergency” activist Michelle Wehner went on Jesse Watters Primetime Thursday night on Fox News to discuss the group’s tactic of blocking traffic to demand President Biden declare a climate emergency.

News2Share footage shot by contributor TJ Jones was featured throughout the segment.

Subsequent activism

Amidst a week of activism including several arrests, protesters demanding President Biden declare a “Climate Emergency” rallied at the Lincoln Memorial on Tuesday, where Park Rangers informed them it was illegal to do so. “Hey hey, ho ho, fossil fuels have got to go!” chanted two of the protesters under Lincoln’s feet, as police cleared tourists from the memorial.

The pair were arrested minutes later.

Following days of activism and several arrests, the “Declare Emergency” movement demanding that President Biden declare climate change to be a national emergency blocked traffic on Wednesday, this time outside the White House.

Secret Service made drivers turn around and declined to arrest the group, who then brought their rally to the White House fence.

Two activists were arrested within minutes as they rallied next to the White House fence.