Investors on Reddit called for a protest at the SEC headquarters in Washington DC Thursday afternoon after stock broker application Robinhood halted buy orders for hotly traded stocks like AMC and Gamestop.

Three protesters showed up and spoke to News2Share, while two Special Police officers assigned to the SEC tried to prevent N2S from filming toward the building itself. The ensuing conversation became a makeshift “1st Amendment Audit.”

“We all work for the corrupt” one of the officers said at 2:42​ into this video.

Even after going back inside, the officers returned back outside as News2Share continued to speak to Michael, an activist who arrived with a sign that read “Hold the line” along with the Reddit logo.

Two additional activists also arrived, one in black bloc and the other an avowed communist.

He says the recent market incident showed how hedge funds and the “ruling class” have class consciousness, and he says the working class need that too. He suggests unions, tenant organizations and debt/rent strikes as a solution.

“It is a right moment for educating them,” he said when asked about the unusual situation of a communist being aligned with a Reddit stock-trading community. “They’re already starting to see that curtain get pulled away… we’re just here helping them tear that entire curtain down.”