As the Syrian Refugee crisis not only threatens the very stability of the Middle-East but also of Europe, I reminded White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest that it has been two weeks since President Obama’s call to German Chancellor Angela Merkel commending her leadership in working to address this overwhelming refugee crisis in Europe.

It’s seems today that the basic founding premise and the very nature of the European Union’s reason to exist is at risk- that is the guarantee of open borders and free trade for all it’s member nations. (See my @TalkRadioNews Blog Not Our Problem?)

As the EU itself could be in a state of possible dissolution, I asked Mr. Earnest if President Obama has reached out again to any of the EU Leaders including Chancellor Merkel.

My follow up question related to whether or not President Obama might be calling for any meetings on the EU Refugee crisis during the United Nations General Assembly gathering of World Leaders in New York in two weeks.