Anti-Trump protesters assembled Thursday in opposition to former President Trump’s rally in the Bronx, which comes after arguments closed in his criminal trial in Manhattan earlier this week.

A brief scuffle broke out over Trump supporters’ Israeli flag, which led police – some in riot gear – to separate the two sides as some protesters fled.

NYPD officers (some marked “Counterterrorism Bureau”) faced protesters chanting “Trump supports Diddy!”

“No justice, no peace!”

“Go home! Go home!” Trump supporters chanted from across the police line.

“If you don’t like him [Trump], go suck a d***!” a Trump supporter told filmmaker Rod Webber, who proceeded to pretend to take him up on the offer literally: “You told me to suck a d***! Let’s go!”

Performance artist Crackhead Barney attempted to interview and confront pro-Trump rapper Forgiato Blow.

“Trump’s gonna send you out of this country when he wins,” Blow said, prompting Barney to ask him if he’s racist.

Blow invited a crowd to rally behind him, who all jumped up and down while saying “We want Trump!”

A volunteer with “True the Vote” then attempted to interview Crackhead Barney about election security, which she said she couldn’t do because “I’m a crackhead.”

A Hamas supporter outside the Trump Bronx rally argued with a QAnon supporter.

“Hamas, the Houthis and Hezbollah are heroes!” the Hamas supporter said repeatedly, before remarking that “Donald Dump, stupid is as stupid does!” to the QAnon supporter.

The QAnon supporter described his movement and said “we are all QAnon.”

“No we not, we all ain’t QAnon!” the other responded.

“You not QAnon ’cause you a bum.”

A Trump impersonator walked outside the Trump Bronx rally, attracting a crowd.

“Democrats are evil!” he said. “Liberalism is a cancer and I am the cure!”

The rally concluded with no apparent arrests on either side of the demonstrations outside.