From News2Share Commentator Jon-Christopher Bua:

As the Syrian Refugee crisis not only threatens the very stability of the Middle-East but also of Europe, I asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest if President Obama and the Administration were concerned that within the massive population of Syrian Refugees now flooding into most of Europe might there be a terrorist element such as Al Qaeda or ISIL or perhaps individuals trained by these terrorists groups whose main objective is to secure a stronghold in Europe and cause real damage. (See my @TalkRadioNews Blog Not Our Problem?)

I followed up by asking Mr. Earnest that since some EU leaders have expressed concerned that this crisis which seems to be challenging the very nature of the European Union’s reason to exist – that is the guarantee of open borders and free trade for all it’s member nations, did he believe that to be true and if the dissolution of the European Union occurred would that have a severe negative impact on the US and world economies?

See transcript below:

Q Thank you, Josh, I appreciate it. Josh, how concerned is the President and this administration that among the massive refugee population that is now making headway through Europe, that there could be, in fact, members of al Qaeda, ISIL, or those who could be trained by those organizations whose main objective is to get a stronghold in Europe and do significant damage? And I have a follow-up question.

MR. EARNEST: It’s difficult for me to offer a specific assessment from here. I think our intelligence officials could give you a better sense of how significant that risk would be. I’ve made quite clear that in terms of the refugee resettlement process that the administration — or that this country has long followed, it includes thorough vetting of the background of these individuals to ensure that the safety and security of the American people is not put at undue risk by the resettlement of these refugees.

Q May I follow up?


Q Significant sort of coming off the same topic. There is some thought in Europe that the EU, the European Union, because of what we talk about, the basic premise of their existence is open borders and open trade where people can go freely through one country to another. There’s concern that that basic premise will no longer hold and that the EU, in fact, its very existence, could be in jeopardy, which could cause enormous ramifications for the U.S., including trade.

MR. EARNEST: Well, JC, I’ve merely observed that the scale of this challenge in terms of the hundreds of thousands of people that we’re talking about here is not something that can be solved by just one country in Europe; that we’re — in order to successfully confront this challenge, the nations of Europe will have to do what they’ve done in the past, which is to effectively cooperate in terms of implementing policies to ensure that they can deal with this difficult challenge. Hopefully they’ll do that.