Climate Defiance activists protested tonight outside the Congressional Baseball Game, which is sponsored by Chevron.

“They’re not even hiding their corruption!” said Michael Greenberg.

“Not another nickel! Not another dime! No more money for big oil’s crimes!”

Climate activists tied their struggle to activism around Gaza.

One described “White phosphorus rains from the sky, choking, burning people alive. A scorched Earth campaign is being waged by the Israeli government.”

“This is genocide, and this is ecocide.”

CJ Pearson, executive director of Teens for Trump, was on the line to get into the game. He joked that “Every single plastic bottle is made with oil!”

“Please stop silencing Black voices!” Pearson demanded as a climate activist held a banner in front of him.

Pro-Palestine activists who had apparently been kicked out from the baseball game chanted “Free US from Zionists!” and “Free Palestine!”

“Free, free Palestine!” they chanted along with the climate activists as they marched by. “Congress funds genocide!”

Inside the game itself, Climate Defiance activists stormed the field and were swiftly grabbed by police.