In what appears to be their biggest showing of force in three years, Proud Boys gathered today outside the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus for a rally commemorating Ashli Babbitt and January 6 prisoners on the anniversary of the riot at the US Capitol.

Counter-protesters, some carrying rifles, opposed the Proud Boys who yelled “f*** Antifa!” at them.

Proud Boys and their allies also carried handguns and pepper spray.

Police stood between the two sides, ultimately preventing physical conflict as they yelled back and forth.

“Say her name, Ashli Babbitt!” chanted the Proud Boys.

“New National Holiday: January 6th, Ashli Babbitt Day” a sign read.

On the other side of the police line, counter-protesters chanted “5, 6, 7, 8, we won’t let you demonstrate!”

“Did you get your check from George Soros?” a Proud Boy asked a counter-protester across the police line. “I’m talking food stamps, you fucks.”

“I get my food stamps from George Soros?” the protesters joked and laughed back.

“I would meet you after the rally, I’ll turn you straight, girl!” a Proud Boy told a counter-protester as the rally ended.

Police with bicycles escorted the Proud Boys off the Ohio Statehouse grounds as the event wrapped up.