About 60 “End The Damn Wars” activists marched to the White House Saturday afternoon to condemn the current and last three presidential administrations as well as the intelligence agencies for their roles in foreign policy since September 11, 2001.

The group also demanded the release of Julian Assange.

While limited in size, the coalition of activists included libertarians, conservatives, socialists, communists, and anarchists.

“Free Edward Snowden! Free Julian Assange!” the activists chanted as they marched on Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Jail war criminals!” they yelled. “Fuck Biden! Fuck Trump! Fuck Obama! Fuck Bush!”

Several speakers spoke at John Marshall park, where the “End The Damn Wars rally took place before marching.

Medea Benjamin of CodePink spoke first advocating to “End the damn wars and stop pouring our money down the blackhole of militarism!”

Next spoke Magnus Panvidya, an organizer of the event and a “boogaloo.”

“Alone, we are isolated, we are marginalized. But together, hand-in-hand, we can send a message that cannot be silenced, cannot be jailed, cannot be divided, and cannot be ignored.”

Radio host Garland Nixon spoke out against the use of sanctions as a form of warfare.

“We gotta stop the sanctions,” he said before leading the rally in chants of “Free Julian Assange” and “End the damn wars!”

“He has done more for the people in Afghanistan than any bomb, or any bullet, or any tank,” said Andrew Zigmund of “Action 4 Assange, who also organized End The DamnWars.

“Free, free, Julian Assange!” he led the crowd in chants.

“Twenty years in now: More than a million dead, ten trillion [dollars] blown,” said Scott Horton, detailing history since 9/11.

“It’s not giving in to terrorists to abolish empire that we never should have had in the first place.”

“We have to quit being divided,” said Paula Jean Swearengin, who ran to primary Senator Joe Manchin (D) in 2018.

“I left the Democratic Party because of the corruption. I joined the People’s Party because we need to hold these people accountable.”

The People’s Party is a progressive effort to build a new third party in the United States, which would run candidates to the left of the Democratic Party.

Grayzone News editor Max Blumenthal was the final speaker at the Saturday rally.

“People who have opposed the wars, people who are opposing this catastrophic new normal have less in common politically in many cases than people who are hypnotized by the mainstream narrative,” he said. “So you have libertarians, you have leftists, socialists, communists, whatever. They have less in common but they get that something really wrong is happening.

“What we need to do is unite against the common foe, unite against the global predator class.”