A coalition of antifa protesters came out to Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, Tennessee Saturday afternoon to protest against the white nationalist “National Solutions Conference” taking place in the government-owned hotel and conference center.

The protesters focused on the fact that taxpayer dollars were being spent to keep out other tourists and outdoorsmen who would have otherwise used the facilities.

One demonstrator argued with police after he wouldn’t let her go into the hotel area to use the bathroom, so she dropped her pants and peed at the demonstration. She was not arrested, but she was forced to leave by park rangers.

Officers also threatened to make arrests and charge with misdemeanor “disorderly conduct” if antifa used swear words during their demonstration.

As they protested, a couple members of “League of the South” came outside to antifa watch across the river, but no direct confrontations occurred.

Before leaving, antifa rented two paddle boats to get closer to the conference by water. They waived an antifa flag and held a banner reading “White Supremacy Kills.”

The conference is expected to conclude Sunday.

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