Video by Ford Fischer
Article and Photos by Alejandro Alvarez

Dozens of protesters were arrested in halls of Capitol Hill on Tuesday, part of an ongoing movement seeking “moral rejuvenation and action again wealth inequality across the country.”

For the latest in a multi-week campaign protesting the “nation’s distorted morality” through civil disobedience, the Poor People’s Campaign led hundreds to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office demanding an end to violence at home and abroad. Protesters filed down the hall in silence, holding signs like “fight poverty, not the poor” and “the war economy is immoral,” reflecting the group’s anti-war stance.

After delivering an American flag folded by veterans to the desk clerk in McConnell’s office, activists collected white flowers in the doorway as Capitol Police began arrests. About two dozen protesters were led out of the building in the moments that followed, chanting “we remember” in memory of lives lost to acts of violence around the world.

The Poor People’s Campaign is holding weekly rallies on Capitol grounds as part of its “40 days of moral fusion.” each focusing on a specific issue stemming from wealth inequality, racism, and climate change. Similar events are planned on healthcare and education, before a concluding rally set for June 23.

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