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White nationalist group Patriot Front showed up at the annual March for Life in Washington DC on Friday. They handed out flyers while standing at the back of the rally.

“There are a lot of people here who like us,” their leader Thomas Rousseau told media.

Rousseau said he’s here for “the American people, the American ethnicity which has descended from the European race who conquered and settled this land.”

“Our decline in the form of government has been exactly correlated with the decline of the interest of the American people in government itself.”

News2Share asked Thomas Rousseau how he responds to conservatives who believe Patriot Front is a federal op.

“Liberals want us to be real, and we are,” he explains, while “conservatives want to say that we’re fake because its convenient so they don’t get the guilt by association.”

On federal informants infiltrating Patriot Front, he denies this, but “even if it does happen, those feds are probably serving their country in a better way than any of them do now.”

“Because they would be doing community actions. They would be doing charity actions. They would be helping young men find careers, get into better shape, experience the homeland and nature.”

He adds that the FBI’s work has been “causing people to be untrustworthy of anything they see which disrupts the ability to organize.”

“We don’t want you!” a March for Life attendee yelled at Patriot Front.

“Their leader was at Charlottesville,” the attendee told News2Share. “They’re ruining the image for everyone!”

Patriot Front marched away from the March for Life without marching alongside them as they’d done in 2022.

Police on bicycles escorted Patriot Front to a metro stop where they descended down the escalator and out of sight.

This appears to have been their fifth significant public demonstration in Washington DC since 2020.

White nationalist Patriot Front meets Christian nationalist New Columbia Movement

Members of the Christian nationalist New Columbia Movement met the white nationalists of Patriot Front at the 2024 March for Life in Washington DC.

“I think y’all do good things!” Rousseau told them.

“Thank you! Thank you!” a New Columbia Movement member replied.

Rousseau emphasized charity work while describing his group to them.

Patriot Front’s Thomas Rousseau described that at March for Life “There’s nobody else here for the babies of American stock descended from the European race.”

New Columbia Movement members nodded as Rousseau decried “plutocratic interests at the top, a lot of them are Jews, a lot of them are Zionists, most all of them are Zionists.

“They’re internationalists. They’re not loyal to any country. They’re loyal to their pocketbooks. They’re loyal to their hatred towards Americans and our people.”

“I don’t think those people should be calling the shots on my future and the future of my children or my grandchildren.”

“Absolutely!” one New Columbia Movement member replied.

“That’s the spirit” another said.

A New Columbia Movement member said “we definitely share a lot in common with a lot of our values” with Patriot Front.

On whether he sees room for coalition with the white nationalists, he says “I think in some ways it’s possible” but clarifies “If we’re gonna put anything first, it should be our Christian heritage first and foremost.”