Dozens of Pro-Palestine protesters were arrested by Capitol Police this morning after spilling red-stained money symbolizing aid to Israel around the atrium of the Hart Senate Capitol Office Building.

One climbed the Mountains and Clouds Sculpture to hang a banner reading “The People Choose Life.”

Capitol Police issued warnings as protesters demanding “ceasefire now” sat down in the Hart Atrium and began arresting one by one.

“Not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes,” they chanted as some were dragged away in plastic handcuffs.

Police struggled to take a “AID TO ISRAEL = BANNING PALESTINIANS” banner from protesters who refused to let go of it.

They then began picking up and carrying away activists who wouldn’t stand and walk when arrested.

As the activists in the Hart Capitol Office building were carried away, Capitol Police forced press and others (already behind a police line) to leave the floor entirely.

Press began filming from the second floor balcony as arrests continued.

Capitol staff began sweeping away the fake bloodied dollar bills representing aid to Israel on the floor as arrests continued.

However, the climber who hung the banner Mountains and Clouds Sculpture remained past the other activists.

Capitol Police instructed the climber on the Mountains and Clouds Sculpture to wait until the Fire Department brought a ladder rather than coming down himself.

Meanwhile, USCP forced press off the 2nd and then 4th floor, leaving us attempting to film from the 6th floor.

As the DC Fire Department brought a ladder to get the last activist down and arrested, a United States Capitol Police Officer tried to stop press from filming.

“Ceasefire now!” demanded the climber before being arrested.

“They don’t want anybody to see that,” the officer explained. “They don’t wanna see what’s gonna happen up here, that’s all.”