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The avowed Nazi groups “Blood Tribe” and “Goyim Defense League” marched in Orlando Saturday afternoon, chanting “Jews will not replace us” and “Jews get the rope.”

“All heil the Führer,” one would call, and the crowd would respond “Heil Hitler!”

Video by Ford Fischer

As the Nazis rallied in Orlando, pro-Trump personality Laura Loomer showed up and was immediately yelled at by the group, who called her “Laura Jewmer” and “tranny Jew.”

“We’re not voting Trump, Laura!” they said before sarcastically joking that they prefer DeSantis.

Kent “Boneface” McLellan, a Neo-Nazi who has reportedly traveled to Ukraine to serve with the Azov Battalion, threw stiff-arm salutes and told me “I am Boneface.”

“Slava Ukraini!” he yelled.

I asked Blood Tribe leader Christopher “Hammer” Pohlhaus (based in Maine and with chapters in Ohio and Wisconsin) why he held this larger event in Florida.

“Why you ask stupid questions?” he said. “This is just the beginning.”

“Heil Hitler,” his group chanted in an empty parking lot.

“Who won’t replace us?” they chanted. “Jews won’t replace us!”

“We are everywhere!”

As the group finished rallying in the parking lot, Christopher “Hammer” Pohlhaus instructed his group to “Follow the meatball!”

The group then marched into a residential area, where they yelled “white power” and “f*** you” at media.

While the Nazi coalition was marching through residential Orlando, freelance journalist David Decker asked them if they’re from Florida.

“F**k you,” they said. “We don’t answer questions from K*** media. F****ts!”

“All F****ts, we will destroy you.”

Jon Eugene Minadeo II, aka “Handsome Truth” told media to stop following the group as they marched presumably to their vehicles. “Don’t make us ask more than once.”

Another said “Ford knows better,” apparently referencing a member of their group who told me to back off during a similar moment at their Wisconsin rally and subsequently chambered a round into a rifle.

He then faced away from me and held up the middle finger, just as the man had in that previous incident.

One referenced by reporting on that incident and the other said, “Took you all that time to figure it out, f****t?”

Disney World

Ahead of a separate Nazi rally in Orlando on Saturday, a separate avowed Nazi group with about ten people calling themselves “Order of the Black Sun” rallied in front of Disney World’s entrance, where they ripped up a rainbow pride flag.

Video by David Decker

The Nazis outside Disney world waved a Ron DeSantis flag and called themselves “Ron’s Holocaust task force.”

“We’re his biggest supporters,” they claimed before saying that his support for legislation combatting anti-semitism is “smoke and mirrors.”

(It would not be unusual for Neo-Nazis to say something like this to damage a candidate they disfavor.)

Asked by another reporter about former President Donald Trump, one of the “Order of the Black Sun” Nazis said that “he’s a p***y, he didn’t do any of the things he said he was going to do” before condemning him for having Jewish people in his family.

News2Share contributor David Decker asked the “Order of the Black Sun” Nazis how they felt about the larger Nazi rally that would take place without them later that afternoon.

They say there’s “Really not a riff” in the “white power movement” and claim to be fine with the others.

Event had been publicly planned for weeks

The Blood Tribe had publicly announced their Saturday march in July, but they only said it would be in September and somewhere in Florida.

It was ultimately anti-fascist Twitter pages that told the public it would likely be Orlando on September 2, then posted a rumored location. Finally, State Representative Anna V. Eskamani was the first to report the actual location as it was ongoing.

Photos by Ford Fischer: