Former President Trump arrived at his Trump National Doral property on Monday ahead of a federal indictment over handling of classified information after leaving the White House.

His supporters showed up to greet him and chant “USA! USA!” as he arrived.

“We love Trump! We love Trump!” chanted the supporters. “Trump 2024!” “Let’s go Brandon!” It’s “One justice system for Trump, and one for the Bidens and the Obamas,” described a woman holding a “Trump is innocent” sign. “If it was Biden now, I would be here protesting,” “The Presidential act says he can declassify and take whatever he wants,” she says.

Two counter protesters spoke out against the Trump supporters, one of whom wore a prisoner costume.

Another was aggressively confronted by Trump supporters, and implied that he had a concealed weapon. One Trump supporter attempted to tell police he was armed. Police checked. The man was not armed.

That night, former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake spoke out from West Palm Beach, encouraging the crowd to support Trump at his upcoming arraignment.

“I’m talking about using our First Amendment!” she said. “We all have Trump’s back.”

“We know if we don’t stand up and fight right now, our kids, our grandkids, are gonna be stuck in a country where they have no rights, where the Bill of Rights doesn’t exist, where they’re owned and controlled by some globalist dictators.”

“I’m gonna tell you what, they have pissed off the wrong people!” she said to massive cheers. “They’ve awoken a sleeping giant, and I’m not talking about Chris Christie!”

Indictment Day

On Tuesday, an eccentric group gathered outside the federal courthouse in Miami where Trump was arraigned.

Laura Loomer spoke to the crowd, promising that “The more you attack him, the more we will be supporting President Donald Trump.”

One man wearing an American flag outside of former President Trump’s federal arraignment in Miami held a real pig’s head on a stick. He compared it to Lord of the Flies and described himself as “pro-America.”

One man explained that Trump should just get re-elected and pardon himself, but he says the federal indictment of Trump is “the worst day in American since Lincoln was assassinated and Kennedy was assassinated.”

Pro-Trump personality Anthime Gionet, who goes by “Baked Alaska” described his own legal fallout from January 6 outside Trump’s arraignment. Gionet previously said of Trump “i can’t believe i’m going to jail for an nft salesman” before doing 60 days.

A woman who says she escaped from China cried in anguish following Trump’s arraignment: “The CCP is achieving their goals to divide the country of America.”

“Please do anything to protect America,” she told the crowd.

A handful of counter-protesters showed up to support the charges as well.

Police had to separate Domenic Santana, again wearing a prison costume, from the Trump supporters.

When Trump departed from the courthouse, Santana jumped in front of his motorcade, causing chaos as he was swiftly arrested.

Santana now faces charges of disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence and obstructing traffic.

President Trump remains steadfast and defiant in the face of felony charges he now faces in the state of New York and federally in Florida.

He reportedly faces two more grand juries, one in Georgia, and another in Washington DC, related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.