On Tuesday, Rep Matt Gaetz held a field hearing about January 6 at the Capitol to scrutinize the day’s investigation and aftermath.

“So much of our work has uncovered things that initially were deemed conspiracy theories but we now have sworn evidence to prove.”

The first witness at the J6 field hearing was Jeffrey Clark, a former Trump official who called the formation of the January 6 Committee “lawless.”

He called the hearings “carefully scripted by Hollywood.”

He condemns the J6 committee for having left much of its evidence unreleased.

The second witness at the J6 Field Hearing was Ed Martin, who led the first Stop the Steal rally News2Share filmed on November 5, 2020.

He is now representing three January 6 defendants, who he says are “targeted, lied about in the press.”

He says due process and speedy trial are being delayed in these cases.

“People that should have been dealt with as if they vandalized a car at a football game or trespassed on property at a school were charged with all those misdemeanors and then they added a charge called ‘obstruction of an official proceeding.'”

“It’s absolutely improper, it’s never been charged- it was never intended for a proceeding that’s gaveled in or gaveled out. It was witness tampering. It’s a lie by the DOJ in federal court.”

Testifying next was Geri Perna, whose nephew Matthew Perna hanged himself ahead of sentencing for his January 6 charges.

She says he was inconsolable during their final conversation on the phone.

“He had struggled from the start to live with shame and the damage to his beloved family and many friends caused by not by guilt, but those criminalizing the First Amendment.”

Walk Away founder Brandon Straka described his January 6 experience. He was initially charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor, but ultimately pled down to a misdemeanor.

He describes being evicted from his apartment and deplatformed from digital services in the aftermath.

Sarah McAbee testified about her husband Ronald Colton McAbee, a sheriff’s deputy charged with fighting police on January 6.

She says he’s been moved several times from jail to jail, and has had week-long stretches of solitary confinement.

She says a guard emptied a can of mace into his face for refusing to wear a mask.

She says that “During the events of January 6, Colton acted heroically to aid an officer in distress, and try to save Rosanne Boyland’s life.”

Former underwear model John Strand, who is soon to begin a 32 month prison sentence for January 6, says he was there only as security for Simone Gold, who herself has served 60 days.

Following his conviction at trial, the judge apparently condemned him over public comments he had made, which he testifies now is “the textbook definition of fascism.”

A point of difference between some participants in the J6 Field Hearing was over whether the full January 6 footage should be released to the public.

Jeffrey Clark says every defendant should get all the evidence. “Initially I had the view that all of it should be put out so that it could be crowdsourced, much like Wikileaks revelations were.”

He says now that “there is a valid concern” about citizen sleuth groups like Sedition Hunters using the material if it were fully released.

Ed Martin says that the current system for lawyers to review footage is “burdensome.”

“I differ with the general here. I think at a certain point, the Sedition Hunters are gonna find us anyway. Pelosi already gave the tapes to everybody anyway, or the FBI will give it to them tomorrow.”

“Let’s let it out there, and let’s let the public figure out who the people are, and we’ll know every Ray Epps from here to Long Beach, California and back and justice will be served.”

“If they can keep hiding, we’ll never know who did what.”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene says “January 6 tapes, if they were to get out – and I support releasing them – I’ve said it all along. But if they do get out, Sedition Hunters will come.”

“I know that everybody can look at it and say ‘we all know who everyone is now’ but at the same time, that means that the Department of Justice will be coming after more people.”

“I do not want to see anyone end up like Matthew Perna.”

On the full release of the J6 tapes, Congressman Paul Gosar says “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

“They’re all going to come after us regardless, so it seems to me like we aught to be making this big push and maybe turn the tide.”

“The videotapes gotta come out.”

“We’re trying to correct history” Representative Gaetz said in a brief press gaggle afterwards.

News2Share asked about whether Representatives Gaetz and Greene whether they would push House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to release the January 6 tapes to the public as promised.

“That’s a question for Speaker Kevin McCarthy,” Rep Greene said. “I of course want everyone to see the tapes but I will tell you, the Department of Justice works for Joe Biden. The FBI works for Joe Biden, and if those tapes go out there, and Sedition Hunters can spend 24/7 using their facial recognition software, then they’re going to hunt down, they’re going to dox, and they’re going to reveal more people and turn them in.”

“And then Matthew Graves, who is a pathetic excuse for a US attorney, is going to harness his entire office to arrest more people, and they’re going to rot in jail to be abused by someone called Kathleen Landerkin, the Deputy Warden here at the DC jail, who hates white men, hates President Trump and hates people that went in the Capitol on January 6.”

“That’s the reality of the situation. I hope the truth comes out for everyone, but I don’t want to see anyone rot in jail anymore that just walked through an open door.”

“And I don’t want to see anyone see the same fate as Matthew Perna who committed suicide under extreme persecution.”