“Parasol Patrol” participants spun rainbow umbrellas to shield a Color Run pride jogging event at a park in Bellefontaine, Ohio on Thursday night. The tactic was meant to create a barrier against any anti-LGBT protesters, but none came.

“It was absolutely amazing to see all the support from the community especially the “Parasol Patrol,” one drag queen told News2Share as the event wrapped up.

“It was just awesome knowing that all of our runners could feel totally safe knowing that the whole community was out here.”

“Fortunately, we didn’t really have any hate today!”

As the pride event concluded, an organizer congratulated the Parasol Patrol being able to “fight off the haters.”

They thanked police as well for their presence and advocated having a presence at Saturday’s pride parade where protesters are expected.

Eli Bazan and Pasha Ripley, co-founders of Parasol Patrol spoke about how they’ve been shielding “children and young people from protesters at LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC events” using umbrellas while not counter-protesting.

They work with police but “don’t rely on them to keep us safe,” they say.

A pride march, several drag shows, and several competitions took place at PrideFest in Bellefontaine, Ohio on Saturday without any interruption or apparent presence from right-wing groups. Earlier in the week, a Proud Boys chapter had shared the PrideFest march route and wrote that “that’ll come in VERY handy. See you soon, Bellefontaine!”

Sarah Lewis, a PR officer for Extending the Branch, told me they had security procedures in place but refused to cancel and “We didn’t let them win!”