Today outside the Trump indictment in New York City, many Trump supporters described the prosecution as a “witch hunt,” some even wearing witch hats or signs referencing the Salem Witch trials.

One sign on the anti-Trump sign said “Witches know this is not a witch hunt.”

4K footage captured by News2Share from about 100 meters away shows Former President Donald Trump leaving after being formally charged and pleading not guilty at the New York City Criminal Court. He then heads home to Florida where he’s expected to make a speech this evening.

Outside the Trump indictment on Tuesday in New York City, members of “Blacks for Trump” and others argued with an anti-Trump white woman, who called them “Freaking sell-outs!”

“Go ahead and say it!” they tried to tell her. “Go ahead and say the N-word!”

“I will not say it,” she told them. “I marched with them! Did you?”

Ahead of former President Trump’s indictment, Rep Marjorie Taylor Green kicked off a “Rally for Trump” outside the courthouse hosted by the New York City Young Republicans Club.

She called the Democrats “communists” who are “destroying America.” “They are failures, and they’re proving that today.”

Ahead of former President Trump’s indictment today, Rep George Santos showed up in support of Trump. He was absolutely swarmed by media as he said he came to “support the rule of law” which he feels District Attorney Alvin is not doing.

As Rep George Santos began to leave, still swarmed by media, Comedy Central’s Jordan Klepper yelled repeatedly “George, are you finally bringing legitimacy to this process?”

The scrum around Santos grew unreasonably tense, with one audio sound guy grabbing and pushing another person away while yelling “don’t ever f*** with me” and “I will kill your mother-f***ing a**.”

“Get the f*** out of here,” a woman in Trump gear told him. “Don’t want your kind in here. F*** off!” she said.

Pro-Trump media personality Jack Posobiec spoke out with the New York Young Republican’s Club outide the courthouse where former President Trump was arraigned Tuesday.

“They’re terrified of people having a voice and that’s why they’re trying to put a gag order on President Donald John Trump!” Posobiec said. “They can gag Donald Trump! But they cannot gag all of us!”

George Santos staffer and Trump supporter Vish Burra was given the mic and spoke very briefly: “It’s very simple, guys. We are here to fight for Trump. We are here to fight for America. Thank you,” he said.

Eve of indictment

Ahead of former President Trump’s indictment in the Southern District of New York, supporters gathered outside Trump Tower to greet and support him as he arrived. Only one counter-protester demanding “lock him up” was visible in the crowd, and hundreds of cameras eagerly awaited Trump’s arrival.