Anti-drag protesters including armed neo-Nazi group “Blood Tribe,” White Lives Matter of Ohio, Patriot Front, Proud Boys, and unaffiliated conservative activists protested Saturday outside an all-ages drag show at Wadsworth Memorial Park in Ohio.

Weapons were pointed and mace deployed amidst scuffles between protesters and drag supporters, with at least one arrested on each side.

Proud Boys distanced themselves from avowed white nationalist groups, telling them to physically stay away. Police initially had to protect “Blood Tribe” members from other right-wingers angry at the presence of symbols like swastikas at their protest.

“Pedophiles get the rope!” chanted masked members of “Blood Tribe,” an armed neo-Nazi group waving swastika flags at the families attending the all-ages event. “F***s go home!”

“Sieg Heil,” they chanted while pointing stiff-arm salutes at attendees. “There will be blood!”

“Hey, there’s a gay n****r right there!” yelled one of them.

In one scuffle, a drag supporter deployed mace, momentarily blinding a man wearing a full chain mail crusader outfit.

“You think you’re the only one with a fucking gun around here?” asked an anti-drag activist as he and others followed the drag supporter who deployed mace, as they were escorted by police.

“I would love to fuck you up,” one anti-drag protester said.

“Do it in front of the camera!” replied a drag supporter.

“Why, so you can try to get me for hate crime?”

“No, so I can fucking kill you!”

One anti-drag and one pro-drag activist went face to face for a moment, leading to the one brief fight which left the anti-drag activist and a different drag supporter arrested.

Members of the Proud Boys were also at the anti-drag protest, but tried to distance themselves from the avowed Nazi groups.

“We’re all here for the same reason,” a member of “White Lives Matter Ohio” guy said to the Proud Boys.

“We are, but go over that way,” a Proud Boy replied.

“They’re civic nationalists,” explained a WLM member afterwards. “We’re white nationalists!”

“Yeah, I’ll beat up Antifa in the woods with them,” he added.

When the neo-Nazi group “Blood Tribe” group led by Chris Pohlhaus first showed up, the police actually had to defend them from fellow anti-drag activists.

The Nazis called other anti-drag activists “weak.”

The neo-Nazi “Blood Tribe” group did get along well with “White Lives Matter Ohio.”

“Weimar conditions!” the two groups chanted together outside the drag event. “Weimar solutions!”

“Heil Hitler!” yelled the Nazis, as they waved swastika flags.

White nationalist group Patriot Front also made an appearance outside the drag show in Ohio today, but they arrived after it already ended and most had left.

“Victory or death” it read on their banner.

“Victory or death? Take that death!” joked a drag supporter.