Hundreds of gun rights supporters, most armed, assembled for the tenth annual Second Amendment Rally outside the Arizona State Capitol.

“They can’t define ‘assault weapon’ but somehow they want to ban assault weapons!” said Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs. “I’ve really had it in Washington DC.”

“I’m trying to understand why it’s ok for us to transfer your tax dollars to Ukraine so they can be weaponized but they want to take away the weapons and guns of American citizens.”

One masked individual brought out a guillotine, which he demonstrated is actually functional. When asked why he brought it, he simply answered, “Why not?”

Newly elected Congressman Eli Crane spoke out on a number of pro-gun bills in the congress.

He emphasizes a bill to stop the ATF’s new brace rule which he says if not stopped: “millions of Americans would become felons overnight, and that’s not acceptable.”

Republican Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb spoke out, calling the new ATF brace rules “garbage and unconstitutional.”

“I love protecting on the local level but I am seriously considering making a run at the U.S. Senate,” he announced to cheers in the crowd.

Sheriff Lamb shook hands and took photos with Proud Boys, who were also open carrying.