Activists with the “March for Medicare for All” marched to the Capitol Saturday in a demonstration demanding that healthcare be provided by the federal government on a single-payer, profit-free system to all Americans.

The activists called out Nancy Pelosi as taking money from big pharma and held her “personally responsible” for holding up a Medicare for All bill.

“Biden is a liar! Liar, privatizer!” they chanted.

One organizer explained to News2Share that under President Trump, there was a “big push for the privatization of traditional Medicare” but “under the Biden administration, that has not changed. It’s only ramped up.”

Following the march, several speakers led a rally at the United States Capitol. They included: Savage Joy (MC), Jessica Simon, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Zach Schimel, Steve Grumbine, Dr Claire Cohen, John Kramarz, Regie Cabico, Dr Casey Katherine Moore, Dr Cedric Taylor, Dr Ana Malinow, Geoff Ginter, Mary Gerisch, Pastor Delman Coates, Dr Mike Pappas, and Rev Annie Chambers.

“Zombies” march to the Capitol

A handful of activists marched on Capitol Hill Friday afternoon wearing face-paint and holding gravestone signs to portray themselves as zombies who died from lacking “Medicare for All” in advance of the Saturday event.

The group began at the “Hall of the States” building where NBC is headquartered.

Security promptly threatened to call the police.

The group then marched to the Capitol, where police reminded the group that they cannot protest on the steps.

One “zombie” sat at the base of the steps and poked the bottom stair with his finger repeatedly and slapped it, but officers did not respond.