A coalition of Black militia groups led by the Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt Gun Club marched on Friday, June 17 throughout the Mississippi town of Brookhaven on a mission.

On January 24 of 2022, 24-year-old FedEx driver D’Monterrio Gibson was delivering packages in this neighborhood when 35-year-old resident Brandon Case shot into his delivery vehicle and began chasing the young man along with his father, Gregory Case.

While Gibson was not injured, he says he was traumatized by bullets entering the vehicle.

The two men were charged with assault and conspiracy more than a week later, and swiftly bonded out of jail. Gibson, and the activists supporting him, say it’s not enough. They’d like the pair charged with attempted murder or hate crimes.

The all-Black coalition of groups including Black Panthers began to march on Friday at the local DA’s office, where they formed an armed perimeter as some went inside for a pre-planned meeting.

They were told the DA had left for the day.

The group next attempted to meet with the Police Chief or officers on the case, and were similarly told nobody was available.

As they stood as the police station, the group realized that the assistant police chief was across the street. When they went to confront him as well, he drove away.

After failing to get any meeting with government officials, the coalition instead returned to the scene of the shooting, where Gibson told his story with armed protection.

It was only as the groups began to leave that police finally arrived, including Brookhaven Police Chief Kenneth Collins, who made it clear he wasn’t trying to begin a dialogue.

Tensions rose considerably, nearly coming to a breaking point as a truck attempted to drive through the street where the confrontation was taking place.

The groups ultimately dispersed, and nobody was hurt or arrested.

It is currently unclear whether any additional charges will be added against Brandon and Gregory Case. While the original shooting received plenty of media attention, the armed march attempting to draw attention from the public and official was entirely ignored by the mainstream media.