Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was released late Friday morning from the Washington DC jail after serving four months and a week out of a five month sentence. Tarrio pled guilty last year to two charges for burning a Black Lives Matter banner his group took from a church and possessing two rifle magazines when he was arrested.

He self-surrendered to jail in September 2021.

“I plan to comply with the January 6 Committee to the best of my ability,” Tarrio tells News2Share. “That’s not an issue for me.”

Asked if he’s nervous about the investigation, he says “absolutely not.”

Stewart Rhodes, leader of the Oath Keepers, was arrested Thursday for “Seditious Conspiracy” related to January 6. Tarrio was not present at the Capitol on January 6, but was serving as chairman of the Proud Boys at the time of the breach. Rhodes was present outside the Capitol, but was charged despite not going inside or physically participating in violence.

As Tarrio departed from the jail, Tarrio said he hasn’t read the case completely, but he is again “absolutely not” worried that federal agents are coming for him next.