Over the course of the final week of September and into early October, a coalition of New Yorkers who oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates in various elements of life and work protested as new policies were implemented.

The protests were filmed by News2Share contributor Jon Farina.

September 27 – “No medical mandate, no digital passports!” march

Hundreds of activists marched Monday night against new medical mandates for certain employees in New York City and digital passports to patronize businesses. “Medical segregation is racist!” said participants.

September 28 – March on Department of Education

Activists marched to the Department of Education in New York City Tuesday to protest against a vaccine mandate for teachers.

Effective Friday, NYC teachers who haven’t gotten at least their first shot will not be allowed into school and forced onto unpaid leave.

September 29 – Direct action against vaccine passports

Activists entered and occupied restaurants throughout New York City to defy a mandate requiring proof of vaccination in order to dine indoors throughout the city.

The groups say the requirement constitutes modern segregation.

NYPD officers responded at multiple scenes but made no arrests, instead recommending the activists simply dine at restaurants that don’t enforce the measure.

October 2 – Nurses burn uniforms over hospital vaccine requirement

Nurses threw their scrubs into a pile and set them on fire Saturday outside the Staten Island University Hospital in New York to protest a policy that forced the firings of all staff who had not been vaccinated.

The state plans to use medically trained National Guard soldiers to replace healthcare workers lost due to the policy.