Armed Second Amendment activists with the “Boogaloo” movement and Black Lives Matter 757 approached the Capitol building in Richmond, Virginia and were confronted by police over a new state gun law preventing firearms on the premises, effective July 1.

The rally comes on the one year anniversary of when the two groups first met in the same location and formed a coalition. The groups have continued to work together since then.

The coalition decried gun laws as “racist” and “tyranny” while defying local ordinances banning firearms at demonstrations and magazines above 20 rounds. No violence or arrests occurred.

“I hope you have some other way to defend yourself or avoid the situation” a VA Capitol officer suggested to BLM757 activists. “If you don’t like the laws enacted, talk to your elected leaders.”

One boogaloo activist told a Capitol Police officer that the United States was started by “people like us” before both sides agreed to back off from one another, and the Boogaloos & BLM stepped a block back from the area where guns are forbidden as of July 1.

One masked activist carrying a rifle noted that it was just last year that 20,000+ Second Amendment activists gathered in Richmond chanting “We will not comply” but that they are indeed complying as new local ordinances and state laws affect gun rights in the area.

Still, a local ordinance in Richmond makes it a misdemeanor to carry a firearm anywhere in the city at a demonstration that has or would require a permit.

The activists posed with their guns next to the sign banning them where they stood.

That ordinance went unenforced.

BLM757 activist “Pops” (who carried four firearms) asked the people in attendance about their magazine sizes. Many readily showed off that they carried 30 and 40 round magazines.

20+ round magazines are illegal in Richmond under new ordinances as well.

Virginia Beach

Black Lives Matter 757 led an Independence Day march in Virginia Beach along with support from several of the same “Boogaloo boys.”

The groups aimed to attract attention to the mass shooting that claimed the lives of Deshayla Harris and Donovan Lynch over three months ago.

Lynch was killed by a still unnamed police officer whose bodycamera was not on; Harris’s killer has not been confirmed as civilian or law enforcement.

It has not been confirmed whether Lynch – who was armed – was involved in the shooting itself. Three civilian shooters were arrested.