Environmental activists chained themselves to props and blocked several entrances to the White House Wednesday morning to protest President Biden’s policies on climate, which they say is a currently a “dumpster fire” after the administration departed from the left on many key environmental and energy policy issues.

“We’re not gonna let his white supremacy a** get away with lying to us,” one leader told the crowd. “We want returns on our f***ing promises.”

“We’ll speak to you in your colonizer language if we have to,” an activist said in an interview directed at Biden as activists blockaded White House south entrance. “We’re demanding that you put climate at the front of your agenda like you said in the first place.”

At the White House south entrance, a vehicle tried to get in despite the enviro activist blockade. Activists cheered as police made the car turn around.

At the White House’s West Side, a handful of men in suits apparently with an appointment inside actually stepped over activists trying to blockade the entrance.

The group shouted “shame” at the men as they entered.

“You stepped on children! Water is life! Shame on you!”

Back at the East Entrance of the White House, activists concluded by calling the Biden administration a “dumpster fire” who they say has been failing on every element of climate justice.

They poured water on cardboard cutouts of flames to “put the fire out” symbolically.

“Biden, do your job!” chanted the activists just west of White House.

“We’re not gonna let his white supremacy ass get away with lying to us.”

“We want returns on our fucking promises” he said, listing several environmental grievances Biden has departed from the left on.

Indigenous environmental activist Nathan Phillips closed out the event with a drum circle and short speech.

“We have one future left. We are the future of our ancestors,” he said. “When this is accomplished, it’s going to be a beautiful world for us all.”