Conservative group “Look Ahead America” held a “Rally Against Political Persecution” Saturday afternoon at the Department of Justice Headquarters in Washington DC to demand the release of Trump supporters charged in the January 6 incident at the United States Capitol. Speakers included former former Trump strategist Matt Braynard, Rep. Paul Gosar, attorney John Pierce, one defendant’s father, and media personality Cara Castronuova.

Pierce, who is representing several January 6 defendants, pledged to take cases to trial and get acquittals.

“They know the election was stolen from them. They were cheated out of that election,” he said of January 6 overall. “They showed up to have their voices be heard.”

Pierce said of Ashli Babbitt – who was shot once inside the Capitol and died – is being “cancelled post-mortem.”

“She was unarmed. She was no immediate threat of serious bodily harm or death to anyone.” He added that Babbitt experienced “deprivation of life without due process” and wants the officer who shot her named.

“Leftists have been triggered into insane levels of dishonesty and worked themselves into a froth just to stop this audit” of the election results in Arizona, said Congressman Paul Gosar, appearing at the rally by phone. “Only people with something to hide would oppose a truth finding mission.”

The father of January 6 defendant Edward “Jake” Lang (who has been jailed since January) asked the crowd “how we have such strange bedfellows that Putin is calling out Mr. Biden?”

“The United States has no more moral ground calling out other countries for inhumane treatment of their prisoners,” he claimed.

“I would like to plea with the FBI today to stop harassing – I know there’s some of you here today, there has to be – stop harassing American citizens like me, coming to my damn house, and harassing us!” said Cara Castronuova, a conservative media personality who was at the pro-Trump rallies on January 6 but reportedly was not on the Capitol grounds.

“We need to push back against this fake idea of there ever being an insurrection,” said Matt Braynard, who hosted the event. “Right across the Potomac, we’re swimming in AR-15’s. Not a single person charged with entering the Capitol even had a single firearm.”

“On July 17 we’re holding another rally here in DC” for January 6 defendants, he said before closing the event. “We’re going to that prison,” he says to “raise our voices in patriotic song so that people in there know we’re on the outside fighting for them.”