A coalition of thousands marched Tuesday afternoon from the State Department Headquarters in Washington DC to the White House demanding the end of American support for Israeli settlement and displacement of Palestinians.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and Congressman André Carson both spoke out to the crowd ahead of the march.

“The ethnic cleansing continues now,” Congresswoman Tlaib said of Israel’s actions. “We all deserve to live freely and with human dignity.”

“What they are doing to the Palestinians is what they are doing to our Black brothers and sisters here,” she told the crowd. “As you all are marching for freedom of Palestine, please know that you must be marching for everybody’s freedom.”

“It’s all interconnected.”

“If you are Black, this is your fight. If you are Latino, this is your fight. If you are South Asian, this is your fight. If you’re white, this is your fight. If you’re Jewish, this is sure enough your fight,” said Congressman Carson.

“If you’re an American, this is your fight.”