A Minnesota correctional officer is on “investigatory leave” following an incident Sunday afternoon in Stillwater, Minnesota in which he confronted activists protesting his neighbor.

On Sunday, activists gathered outside the house of prosecutor Pete Orput. This was their third demonstration outside his home, where they demanded he upgrade charges for Officer Kim Potter – charged in the shooting of Daunte Wright – from manslaughter to murder.

They did this in the form of a Sunday prayer service on the street.

A few houses away and across the street, a couple confronted the crowd.

Sgt. Paul Gorder a, a 30-year veteran of Minnesota Correctional Facility – Stillwater, confronted the crowd along with his wife.

“F*** off, c*** f***er!” he said. “”You touch my wife, I’ll kick your ass.”

No violence occurred.

“All you f***ing n***ers, get out of here,” his wife said.

Told to return to his home by Stillwater Police, Sgt. Gorder repeatedly told officers to “shut up!”

After a separate angle of the event was posted by an activist, Sgt Gorder was placed on “investigatory leave.”

An activist tells News2Share Sgt. Gorder’s wife confronted activists over the event a neighbor’s driveway. The activists had apparently offered to move if the neighbor needed to leave.

“The actions in this video in no way reflect the values of the MN DOC. Commissioner Schnell has ordered the incident be investigated by our Office of Professional Accountability, and the employee is on investigative leave,” said Minnesota Department of Corrections after an activist released another video angle of the situation.

News2Share will not be identifying the wife.