Activists led by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) and ANSWER Coalition held a “Stop Anti-Asian Violence! Stop China-Bashing!” rally this afternoon in DC’s Chinatown, one of 60 such rallies nationwide.

The rally comes in the wake of a shooting targeting women at Asian massage parlors earlier this month in Georgia, killing eight.

The activists primarily connected anti-Asian racism within the United States to America’s foreign policy in East Asia.

“The American military is a global parasite,” one activist from George Washington University Students Against Imperialism remarked. “It is a global occupier, and it is objectively a terrorist organization.”

Local activist Leo Win called out Asian-Americans who “China-bash” by blaming China for Coronavirus in the United States. He says those communities are “shooting themselves in the foot and asking why they’re bleeding.”

The event was hosted by PSL’s Sean Blackmon, who told the crowd that Trump drove anti-Asian hate and the Republican Party is “openly racist,” but also added community shouldn’t expect that Democratic Party will help on the issue.

“We don’t have any help coming from the Democratic Party,” he said. “But Joe Biden is keeping the same policies toward Asian countries, toward China, toward North Korea, toward the entire region, that Donald Trump did.”

ANSWER Coalition Director Brian Becker gave a speech concluding the rally by predicting that the mainstream media would fail to cover it or the 60 similar events taking place nationwide.

“There’s a reason that the corporate owned, capitalist owned media won’t report stories like this,” Becker said. “The main reason is that stories like this become contagious, because when some people see other people standing up and fighting and uniting, they want to do the same thing.”

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