MAGA activists marched from Trump Tower to Times Square in New York City Friday afternoon carrying a giant “Trump 2024” banner.

The group also carried a giant banner portraying Nancy Pelosi ripping Trump’s State of the Union speech.

Journalist Jon Farina of Status Coup asked one participant about Trump’s election loss. She claimed that “Trump is still the president as far as I’m concerned.” When Farina points out that Pence certified the election, she retorted that Pence is a “deep state puppet.”

Counter-protesters including self-described antifa activists counter-protested as NYPD officers escorted the group.

“Andrew Cuomo killed my grandma!” one Trump supporter said.

“Andrew Cuomo probably raped your grandma” replied another.

A counter-protester affirmed that he also believes “Cuomo is a rapist. We protest against the same shit.” He added that he opposes President Biden and Vice President Harris as well.

One counter-protester was offered the Trump supporters’ microphone and told the crowd that former President Trump is a “racist, misogynist, bigot.”

“He wants to grab women by the pussy,” another added. “How about I grab your grandmother by the pussy. Shit, if your grandmother dead, I’ll dig her up and grab her by the pussy.”

Clashes occurred when the groups arrived at Times Square. Police first arrested two counter-protesters. One told police he didn’t do anything but that he had been called the n-word by Trump supporters.

Following the arrests, one counter-protester confronted the “Asians for Trump” portion of the event. “Fight me, fight me then!” she told one.

“We love Trump!” one said, “Trump will win for a third time.”

“I can smell you from here!” the counter-protester retorted.

NYPD rushed toward two other counter-protesters, arresting one on the sidewalk and a second inside the nearby H&M store.

Police later reported that liquid thrown by counter-protesters may have contained bleach which injured an officer, although that detail was never confirmed.

During the conflict, one civilian was escorted away by police with an eye injury.

“Awe, poor baby!” said counter protesters. “Do you need your mommy and daddy?

“What a fucking bitch!”