A variety of pro-gun groups including Boogaloo activists, Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter 757, NoVa Proud Boys, the Ron Paul Militia, the Roanoke County Militia, and an armed transgender rights activist rallied in Richmond, Virginia on Monday, openly violating laws banning guns at protests and 20+ round magazines.

There was occasional strife between groups, but the day remained mostly peaceful and police made no arrests.

The event coincided with the pro-gun Virginia Citizen Defense League (VCDL’s) annual “lobby day” for gun rights in Richmond. The VCDL previously encouraged armed turnout at their events, but stood down following the passage of new local ordinances banning guns at protests.

Instead, they encouraged their followers to “caravan” around the city.

Following the rally, Japharii Jones and Earl Lewis of Black Lives Matter 757 spoke to a few members of the Northern Virginia Proud Boys. The conversation primarily focused on the possibility of finding common ground and ended with the promise of future dialogue.