Armed activists with the “Boogaloo” movement marched to the Ohio State House Sunday afternoon in Columbus for what they called a “unity rally.”

The activists oppose both President Trump and President-elect Biden, but spoke to both Biden and Trump supporters throughout the event.

While some disagreements became heated, no violence occurred. Police had taken heavy precautions ahead of the event but did not intervene in the rally.

The Ohio rally was just one of many. Armed rallies had been called for on January 17th for months, which were claimed to occur at all state capitols.

Ahead of armed rallies, News2Share’s Ford Fischer spoke to three activists who had been involved in organizing them for months and then participated in the Columbus event.

The trio clarified that the event is not for Trump, and is not directly related to the January 6 insurgency at the U.S. Capitol.

“We recognize that Joe Biden is going to to be the next president of the United States,” one said. “Fulfill your oath and respect our constitutional rights.”


Austin, Texas

Activists gathered in Austin, Texas Sunday afternoon for an armed rally that had been billed as occurring in all 50 states.

“Together we rise” said a rainbow banner held by some of the armed group, who clarified that they primarily oppose gun control and don’t support Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Salem, Oregon

Armed “Boogaloo” activists showed up at the state house in Salem, Oregon Sunday amidst calls for armed rallies in all 50 states.

Among the grievances they expressed were the overwhelming show of state force in DC for the Biden Inauguration, mandatory COVID restrictions, and gun control.

Lansing, Michigan

Following call for armed activists to show up at every state capitol in America, only a handful of “boogaloo boys” including Timothy Teagan showed up at the Michigan Capitol in Lansing, as well as a few Trump supporters.

Police and National Guard prepared a heavy defense, but no violence occurred.

Atlanta, Georgia

Amidst a call for armed rallies at all fifty state Capitols, the Georgia State House in Atlanta was protected by Capitol Police, State Patrol, and Georgia Guard. While rallies materialized in other cities including Austin, Salem, Lansing, and Columbus, no rally took place in Atlanta.