Two days before the electoral college votes to formalize the results of the presidential election, thousands of MAGA activists gathered for a day of pro-Trump demonstrations Saturday with several rally points in Washington DC.

Speakers included radio host Alex Jones, General Michael Flynn, Democratic State Rep Vernon Jones, and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell.

Nick Fuentes, a 22-year-old Trump supporter and Charlottesville rally attendee with a considerable following in the MAGA movement, spoke out at yesterday’s “March for Trump” in DC.

He says he remains loyal to Trump, but led the crowd in chants of “destroy the GOP” for failing to preserve Trump for a second term. “We must sacrifice the senate!” he said, encouraging the crowd to let Democrats win Georgia’s runoff elections.

State Representative Vernon Jones, a conservative Democrat, spoke out Saturday afternoon at the “March for Trump.” He decried the media, especially CNN, for what he describes as news coverage meant to benefit Joe Biden and hurt President Trump. Jones – who is Black – said the media’s portrayal of Trump as “racist” makes him “literally throw up.”

Retired General Michael Flynn spoke out at Saturday’s “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington DC.

“Have faith, have courage, be fearless, and fight like a Flynn. God bless you,” he told the crowd.