With the 2020 presidential election concluded and the race called for Joe Biden by the major news networks, media focus has largely moved to Georgia, where a runoff election will determine control of the senate.

Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler both face re-election on January 5, 2021 after neither gained a 50% majority required in the state.

With the election upcoming, Republicans rallied throughout the state this weekend, although Perdue and Loeffler were often overshadowed by the “Stop the Steal” movement which holds that President Trump actually won the 2020 election and was the victim of massive voter fraud. So far, legal efforts on behalf of the president to overturn individual state election results have been unsuccessful.

Congressman Andy Biggs speaks in McDonough

Republican Congressman Andy Biggs spoke to conservative voters outside a restaurant in McDonough, Georgia on Saturday afternoon. The rally had been branded a “Stop the Socialist Takeover” rally for Perdue and Loeffler.

During the speech, Biggs was confronted by an attendee who demanded to know how Biggs would “Stop the Steal.” The attendee said that unless the system was switched to paper ballots, he wouldn’t trust the election.

“If you sit on your butt at home, it doesn’t make a bit of difference,” Rep. Biggs told him. “If you wanna change your election pattern, you better have the majority of congress.”

“They’ve got to have a colorable claim,” Biggs told News2Share afterwards, referring to conservative voters who don’t trust the upcoming election to be counted fairly. “This provides a colorable claim on the votes. We need people to vote.”

“I pray that they will be accurately certified” Biggs said when asked if he’s confident about the election systems himself.

President Trump rallies in Valdosta

News2Share traveled to Valdosta, GA to film at President Trump’s rally for GOP Senators Perdue and Loeffler.

While we were allowed inside by Secret Service, security forced us to exit due to the size of our camera lens.

Nonetheless, we captured the scene and interviews with Trump supporters, who expressed a desire not only to keep the GOP senate, but to prevent Trump from leaving office in January.

“We didn’t lose,” President Trump told attendees during his speech. The speech was branded as a rally for senators Perdue and Loeffler, who both appeared, but was largely spent discussing what the president sees as anomalies in his election results. Attendees also focused on the president.

One Trump supporter told the crowd they need to protest in front of their state capitols in support of “Trump 2020!”

“If they steal it, support President Trump 2024! Why? We’ve got to stop abortion,” he said. “We’ve got to stop the American Holocaust.”

“We’ve got to stop the Democrats from stealing our elections!”

A woman with him told the media “Y’all look dumb as hell with these masks on. Dumb. I’m also a nurse. We don’t have to wear them at the hospital. You’re wearing them outside though.”

“If you do not want to live in a socialism/communism world, you better wake up America. Wake up,” she added.

One first-time Trump voter told News2Share that she sees 2020 as “God’s chosen time” for Trump.

She compared the president to the biblical David fighting Goliath.

“We’ve got giants to slay right now,” she explained. “The Democratic Party winning, we would expect things to be taken away from us.”

Trump supporters hold “Stop the Steal” Vigil / Prayer Rally for Trump in Atlanta

A coalition of pro-Trump activists, conservatives, and militia members gathered Sunday afternoon for a “Stop the Steal” vigil and prayer to advocate President Trump retain the presidency for a second term. The group – led by pro-Trump operative Ali Alexander – lit candles and prayed, often comparing President Trump to the biblical King David.

“Just like I’ve rejected Saul as king, I’ve rejected Biden as king, for I’m about to reappoint and re-anoint my David, President Donald J. Trump, to a second term,” said one of the first speakers.

“The Democrats have systematically tried to steal this election,” said “Stop the Steal” co-founder Michael Coudrey. “They want to infringe on our constitutional right to free speech.”

“You know what we’ll do? We will be louder than ever before. Can I get an ‘amen?'”

2019 GOP San Francisco Mayoral candidate Ellen Lee Zhou said that “1776 we had 56 people vote the constitution to protect you and me, to protect our life, our family, our country.”

“2020 we will not let them go. We will stop the steal,” she said, beginning chants of “Stop the steal!”

About half a dozen militia activists, most carrying long guns, acted as security for the event. Occasional drivers passing the event yelled at the crowd, but no significant counter-protest occurred. Georgia State Troopers stood by but held a hands-off approach other than directing traffic and encouraging the crowd to remain out of the roadway.

“Stop the Steal” co-founder Ali Alexander added that he thinks “the run-off election is important. I do think that these two corporate hacks [Perdue and Loeffler] are the only firewall between us and socialism.”

“The Republicans gotta be on notice. This is the last compromise we make, right?”

Pro-Trump activist Scott Presler invoked scripture “And the Lord said, ‘who shall I send?’ And I said, ‘Here I am Lord, send me.”

He performed a call-and-response. “Will you continue to call your state senators?” he asked.

“I will!” responded the crowd.

“Will you vote?” Presler asked.

“I will!”

“Walk Away” movement founder Brandon Straka took an unsympathetic tone to conservatives suggesting sitting out the run-off election in GA. “This is not the time for us to stand on ceremony and decide that we’re going to do a protest that we’re not going to vote,” he chimed in.

Conservative author Shemeka Michelle said “people are mocking” President Trump now, which she compared to those mocking Jesus during the crucification. “People laughed at Jesus, now they’re laughing at Trump, and now they’re laughing at anyone trying to support him,” she said.

“The Lord told me in 2016 ‘Two terms for this president,'” said the final speaker.

“It is not over. It is over when a Lion of Judah arrises from his throne, and all his enemies scatter in Jesus’ name.”

She began a prayer for Trump and against “the giant of socialism.”

The “Stop the Steal” rally/vigil in Atlanta, GA ended with the lighting of candles and a prayer for God to provide “two terms Lord, two terms.”

“In Jesus’ name. Lord God, we are excited to see what you are going to do,” she concluded her prayer.